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Dave Bodi

Chef & Sommelier



Chef Dave Bodi graduated Le Cordon Bleu, Portland OR at the top of his class and went on to act as the Executive Chef for Oregon Bride Magazine best caterer, state wide in 2015. He earned the title of Certified Sommelier through the Court of Masters Sommeliers and continues his studies toward an Advanced Certification.

He is in constant pursuit of new ingredients, cultures and techniques. His cooking style is eclectic and always in a state of evolution. True seasonality is at the forefront of his ethos. He sources what the land delivers on a daily basis to create cuisine while utilizing age old preservation techniques to capture the abundant flavors of summer. Locality is key in determining the produce and game that he uses. Collaborating with local purveyors ensures a well rounded food system, supports the entrepreneurial driven economy of Bend, ensures ultimate quality control, and thus delivers the best flavors. Truly amazing cuisine begins its journey at the farm and requires a farmer that is as passionate about the land as the chef is in the kitchen.

He is infatuated with the history, legacy, science, and culture that surrounds the world oenology. He believes wine is a direct extension of cuisine and should be treated as an integral part of the meal. Cuisine and wine have the ability to interact with one another to create seamless layers of flavor and bring out sensuous attributes in one another.

His ultimate goal is to create mind blowing combinations of wine and cuisine that are critical to and reliant upon each others foundation and ultimately change your perception of what wine and cuisine can be.